Friday, April 13, 2012

Half-Mile Repeats

So, yesterday, it was half-mile repeats. The idea behind these, I suppose, is to measure how much exactly one hates oneself. If one likes oneself even a little tiny bit, one will stop at six or seven such repeats. If one has high self-esteem and is comfortable in one's own skin and feels good about oneself and the world, two half-mile repeats is plenty. I did ten.

First, I ran my two mile warm-up to the Pruitt Field track. Can you believe the University track team has priority over my whim? I was shocked, threw an absolute fit, stomped across the entire road to the bike trail and ran there instead. So the bike trail has clearly marked mile, and half mile marks, which is nice, but I had to run slightly uphill into a slight headwind one way and slightly downhill the other way. Scientists who read these posts, can one of you please explain why there's often a headwind, but never a tailwind: that is, why does the wind only blow when I'm running towards it? Is it magic? Did I piss off a wizard years ago?

Long story short, here's my times: up (3:18), down (3:12), up (3:19), down (3:11), up (3:12), down (3:02), up (3:18), down (3:16), up (3:11), down (3:11). First off, as for the 3:02, I can explain that: it's not my fault. I started the interval and passed this young man at a fair clip. Then the jerk passed me back, and, well, what would you expect should happen? I know that repeat did nobody any good, but, other than that, I'm entirely pleased with my results. That's a 3:14 average, which I am pleased with. Down a few seconds from my half-miles on the track which had me at about a 3:19 pace.

I'm feeling pretty worked, even a day later, but that soreness is negligible compared to my on-going upper-body lament from Monday's weight lifting. What an awful invention, weights -- as if the metaphorical world weren't heavy enough already, we had to invent actual weights to increase the burden. Great work, species!

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