Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maintenance, Maintenance, Something New

I still prefer updating every day, but here's another three-day post as we approach the end of January. I've been working on other projects, and, given a choice between taking the time to run and taking the time to write about running, I think, for the time being, I'll run.

*     *     *

Friday: I got out for the 3.4 mile maintenance loop today, and made fine time (32:52), I think, considering I had the crapradoodle in tow. Something struck me while I was out and I feel the need to cast a local apology lest I have offended somebody.

In my own defense, I very rarely think about my attire, except in terms of the weather -- is it too cold to where this or too hot to where that: otherwise, I hardly ever think of myself in terms of how I look.

Which is why, when I grabbed this long-sleeve shirt this afternoon --

-- I was thinking only of staying warm on a slightly cool day. In retrospect, I apologize to anybody who might have read this shirt, seen me with my particular dog, and thought that I was being boastful. I assure you I was thinking only of my health, and not about my singularly talented dog.

The run, meanwhile was fine. Chillier, still, than I thought it would be, but we made good time. After the run, my spouse and I had dinner with friends, went to a poetry reading, and hung out with friends until very very late.

*     *     *

Saturday morning 3.4-mile out and back (40:02). The crapradoodle was absolutely not in the mood for a run this morning. She'd been begging to get out of the house, but all she wanted to do was crap and sniff, sniff and crap, all along Columbia Road. Also, I finished off my lamb shank for breakfast, and, maybe, I am too old to get up early with the kid after staying out late with friends, so I also partly blame myself for an awful run. But I made it out and back, so, I suppose, that's better than no run at all.

*     *     *

I thought it would be fun today to combine a hill workout with mile repeats. I've never actually done this workout before, so today was mostly about searching for a goal to set. I ran downhill (7:42), uphill (8:10), down (7:45), up (8:29), down (7:44), and up (8:26).

I think a fun goal for this workout would be to run each mile at a (7:45) pace. I don't know why that sounds fun or if it would even be scientifically useful or not, but I think I will try it. I had a hell of a headwind running uphill today. I was lucky enough to go for my run just as a snowstorm was blowing into my fifty-degree afternoon. I say this only to point out that I think I should be able to drop my uphill times considerably on a calm day . . . I suppose I benefited from the tailwind on the way down, but I'm not willing to think too hard about that just now.

Meanwhile, the crapradoodle says, "hi."


Eleven Day Tally 

Thursday: 8.0
Friday: 3.4
Saturday: 4.0
Sunday: 15.3
Monday: -----
Tuesday: 5.1
Wednesday: 3.4
Thursday: 6.1
Friday: 3.4
Saturday: 3.4
Sunday: 6.0

Previous:116.4 miles
Year To Date: 123.2 miles.

Running Days: 23
Days off: 6

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